Nicki Minaj

“Beauty And A Beat” (feat. Nicki Minaj) Yeah, Young Money, Nicki Minaj, JustinShow you off, tonight I wanna show you off (eh eh eh) What you got, a billion could’ve never bought (eh eh eh) We gonna party like it’s 3012 tonight I wanna show you all the finer things in life So just forget […]

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Starships – Nicki Minaj

by khairilz on May 22, 2012

“Starships” Red one Let’s go to the beach, each Let’s go get away They say, what they gonna say? Have a drink, clink, found the Bud Light Bad bitches like me, is hard to come by The Patrón, own, let’s go get it on The zone, own, yes I’m in the zone Is it two, […]

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Nicky Minaj Feat Rihanna – Fly

by khairilz on November 25, 2011

[Rihanna – Chorus] I came to win, to fight, to conquer, to thrive I came to win, to survive, to prosper, to rise To fly To fly [Nicki Minaj] I wish today it will rain all day Maybe that will kinda make the pain go away Trying to forgive you for abandoning me Praying but […]


Lirik Super Bass – Nicki Minaj

by admin on May 20, 2011

Lyrics Super Bass – Nicki Minaj [Verse 1:] This one is for the boys with the boomin’ system Top down, AC with the coolin’ system When he come up in the club, he be blazin’ up Got stacks on deck like he savin’ up And he ill, he real, he might gotta deal He pop […]