That Way – Wale

by khairilz on December 11, 2011

[Chorus: Jeremih] I apologize I don’t recollect your name (Oooh, baby I don’t know your name) But lemme tell you that them heels really compliment your frame (Look at your body baby) Girl lemme get them ooh aahs then I gotta catch my plane Say ya miss me and ya wishing for some private time […]


Wale – Lotus Flower Bomb

by khairilz on November 22, 2011

[Wale] I’mma rap to you real quick. I wanna enjoy the luxury of like, not knowing each other for real. Hol’ up [INTRO: Miguel] Lotus flower bomb, firefly When I’m low, she take me high I can teach you all the sounds of love [VERSE 1: Wale] Flowerbomb, let me guess your favorite fragrance And […]